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The Basics...

What is a website?

     A website is a location on the computer where people can type in your website address ( and find your online information. This can be anything from a simple flyer advertising your product, service, or maybe a concert you are putting on or even purchasing your products right there. You can list store hours, directions, contacts, and much more. The best part is your customer can find this information any time, and anywhere! A domain is the address that people type in to find your website. For example when people want to go to ScudBud they type in the domain

How does It benefit me?

     Unlike a physical store or an actually billboard having your own website 24 hours a day 7 days a week for the cost of a value meal and reach more people than one store front or several billboards could ever do. This allows your customer to find you on their terms and where they are at. They can look up your website on a computer, iPad, or even their cell phone. Let people see the menu, review your portfolio, order their next shirt, or anything else your website has to offer at any time.

What is Hosting?

     A website is full of text, images, video, and even sound. All that information has to sit somewhere. The domain goes on large computers called servers. These servers have to be on 24/7. They also have to have back up computers in case something breaks, backup power, and back up internet connections. All this is needed to ensure your website is on any time of any day or night. This would cost thousands to set up for your website, that's why most companies large and small pay for hosting fees to rent part of these features for less than a fraction of the cost.

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